Month: November 2017

F1 2017 Round 19 – Brazil

The drivers’ championship and constructors’ championship are both settled, but there is still plenty to fight for as Formula arrives at its penultimate destination, Interlagos in Brazil. Firstly, there’s pride. Ferrari imploded once they arrived in Asia, but they will want to lay down markers in the final two rounds of the season. Red Bull… Read more

Site Stats!

I’ve not done one of these for a while. I figure it’s time to see how the ol’ site is doing – what’s popular, what’s not – let’s take a look! So far in 2017, there have been 2,187 visitors to my site – ignoring the home page, the most visited page is Sexism in… Read more

Poisoning the Well

Insta-follow! Watch out for the vicious STD trolls, though. (#Tardifan don't like when you point out the #StarTrekReboot isn't #TrueTrek). — ST-v-SW.Net (@STvSW) November 3, 2017 Following on from conversations mentioned here and here, comes a slightly more revealing look at the animosity that’s on display toward not only Star Trek Discovery, but also its… Read more

‘Canon’ and what it means

(A scene from Star Trek Discovery, the latest televised Star Trek) (a clip from the trailer for The Last Jedi) In TV/movie franchise circles, there is a buzz word for what is and isn’t considered a part of the story. That word is ‘canon‘. If something is canon, it ‘counts’ toward the story and be… Read more