Month: August 2017

F1 2017 Round 12 – Belgium

They’ve had four weeks off, now they can get back to work! Formula 1 returns at the weekend, and it will involve one of its most famous venues – Spa-Francorchamps. The track itself has changed considerably over the years, with the original configuration being a 15km-long run through the forests that involved a great deal… Read more

From the Mouth of Babes

Sometimes kids will mispronounce things, and it can be hilarious! They will also come out with funny stuff. My daughter frequently reminds her mother and I that ‘we’re allowed to kiss because we’re married.’ When she was smaller she would sometimes ask to watch Shrek and Fiona, but get her words jumbled and come up… Read more

Random Questions

Good day my followers! In a new segment of the show, I’m going to take questions from the audience, and answer them. I may even answer them via video (we’ll see). Almost anything goes, but nothing illegal or nasty please!

I missed my Third Birthday!

For those of you wondering ‘what on earth is he blabbering about’, the 6th of August (twelve days ago!) is when this site celebrates it’s birthday. It turned three, and I didn’t even get it a cake! In truth, I forgot, and for this, I will never forgive myself!