Month: July 2017

Scotland Day Seven

The final chapter of our Highlands adventure took the form of a meal at a nearby hotel, where we said fond ‘until next times’ to our loved ones. Beyond that, the day has been a quiet one – our energy is all but spent, our mood one of reflection on the week’s activities. Tomorrow is… Read more

Scotland Day Six

Today marked the Big Day! The reason for descending upon Aviemore. Weddings in my family tend to be big, boisterous affairs and this promised to be no different. My second cousin had hired a grand hall to host her special day – and this provided a good reason to get suited and booted! Aultmore Hall… Read more

Scotland Day Five

Today has been an altogether more sedate experience. A trip to the local cinema to see Captain Underpants (a better film than I’d expected!), a few unplanned run-ins with relatives and a couple more sights of the steam railway. We also fed a duck! Tomorrow is the big one – the wedding!

Scotland Day Four

Pictures to be added later to this one! Today was very much an ‘action adventure’ day. I did something I’d never done before, and I loved it. What was it you ask? Something called canyoning. It involved a wetsuit, harness and hard hat, to give you an idea as to the nature of it! The… Read more

Scotland Day Three

Scotland is famous for a great many things. Haggis (I’m not describing that one in any great detail), kilts, Hadrian’s Wall, a weak national football team (sorry but it’s true!), the Loch Ness Monster, deep-fried Mars Bars (not strictly Scottish but certainly found up here), freezing winters… and Scotch whiskey. I like a bit of… Read more

Scotland Day Two

Having survived a loooooong day of travel, the second day of our Scottish adventure began with a brief lie-in for the adults, and for the kids… well, my nephew was up quite early, but he’s one, so he’s going to wake up whenever he wants. My daughter… well, after being sick five times in two… Read more

Scotland Day One

The clan (the term my family use to describe themselves) has descended upon the sleepy Scottish towns of Aviemore, Nethy Bridge and everywhere in between for the occasion of a family wedding. I’m not sure the Highlands is quite ready for our arrival. Nor am I complete sure we are ready for the Highlands. The… Read more

Chester Bennington

I’m not going to pretend to be a huge fan of Linkin Park. I’m familiar with their music and style, and I like quite a few of their songs, but I am not a fan in the way that my wife is a fan. Their music has proven inspiration to her. Much of what they… Read more

The Doctor is a Woman!

Meet Jodie Whittaker. If you’re like me, you’ll be completely unfamiliar with her past work. She’s been in a showed called Broadchurch (alongside a former Doctor as it happens), but I’ve never seen it. I cannot therefore pass judgment on her acting ability. I can talk about the kerfuffle that’s erupted over her reveal as… Read more

Slow to Boil – The 2017 British Grand Prix

Halfway point of the season reached, and a race that, whilst not hugely exciting, delivers a pivotal shift in the world championship fight. That’s the short summary of the British Grand Prix. The long version? Well, if you’re a Lewis Hamilton fan the weekend was near perfect. In qualifying Hamilton put in a stonking lap… Read more