Month: June 2017

Oh Nintendo…

I think this sums up how a lot of Switch owners feel, given Nintendo’s Pokemon announcement earlier today… I mean, come on. The Switch is the perfect platform for Pokemon, and not the stadium games, but the actual, proper, ‘gotta catch ’em all’ games. Instead, Nintendo are re-releasing previous versions on the 3DS… I mean…… Read more

Trump the Dump The three above links represent just the tip of (an ever-shrinking one, if this carries on) iceberg from experts and scientists from around the world, who all agree that man-made climate change is real. From the NASA link: The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely… Read more

Techno Fail P9

There was something that London did very well. It did opulence, finery and elegance in a way few other cities could match, and tied it all together in a setting that brimmed with a rich history. Looking out from the huge bay windows of the master bedroom, Mr Lanker savoured his glass of whisky, poured… Read more

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