Month: June 2017

Historical Dreams

So the title is slightly misleading. I’m not dreaming of period dramas or ancient Roman battles. I’m actually dreaming about my own past. To begin with, I’ve had two dreams involving my school chums. The details are a little vague, but one of them appeared to involved taking my wife to a school reunion of… Read more

Techno Fail 11

With more than a little trepidation Peter opened the door. He managed to put on a false smile for Dalton, who wore a deeper scowl than he had earlier. Behind him stood Stanton, who shuffled nervously on his feet. Two other men, one short-haired dark-skinned man who looked like he’d been going to the gym… Read more

Techno Fail P10

A red Astra trundled up to the sleepy London street, with only a couple of people milling about. A few other cars were parked up on either side of the road, and only a couple of the street lights were on, casting a slightly disconcerting orange glow. In the distance Eric could hear the sound of… Read more

Well Well Well…

So, after banking on a sure-fire win, the Tories are left reeling from a Labour revolt that’s stunned the nation and sent a very clear message to the people in power – don’t ignore us. The Tories lost 12 seats, whilst Labour gained 29 – a clear swing toward the opposition. In fact, it left us… Read more

F1 2017 Round 7 – Canada

Welcome to one of F1’s best-loved venues. The Canadian Grand Prix is held in spectacular scenery and the atmosphere tends to be one of the most exciting, whilst the high-speed track with several fast, slippery corners usually makes for some dramatic and exciting racing. The track, named after the late, great, Giles Villeneuve, should provide… Read more

Site Stats!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, and I know you are trembling with anticipation, having waited so patiently. Here is the latest round of exciting site statistics! Ok, so maybe it’s not that exciting, but here goes anyway… I’ve noticed a bit of a trend in 2017. My Star Trek vs Star Wars… Read more

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