Month: April 2017

Nintendo Online

Whilst I haven’t seen an official confirmation of this, it would seem that Nintendo’s pending online subscription service is going to weigh in at between £14 and £21 per year. This is pretty remarkable, given that Sony and Microsoft charge £39.99 for their annual subscription services. If the £21 a year price is accurate, that’s… Read more

The War on Science

I wish I didn’t have to write this, but the more time I spend looking at threads like this one (I refer to the Flat Earth nonsense I’ve discussed before), this one (vaccines are all big pharma conspiracies dude!) and all sorts of hastily generalised rubbish like this, the more I feel the need to… Read more

Idazmi7 – Droids in Trek and Wars

I’m bored, so I’m adding to my substantial takedown of Idazmi7’s claims about the Empire and Federation by dismantling a video of his that talks about droids. This is a brief video, and the chances are he will avoid this rebuttal too, given his track record, but I wanted to put this out there anyway…. Read more

F1 2017 Round 4: The Russian Grand Prix

From Russia with love. Or alternatively, from Russia with twenty fast F1 cars, tearing around a circuit built into the former winter Olympics venue at Sochi. This will be the fourth time the Russian Grand Prix has been held here, following from a pretty average race in 2014, and with only moderately more exciting races… Read more

On June 8th…

It’s Red Vs Blue – and maybe Yellow will get involved – as the UK goes to the polls for a General Election called three years sooner than planned. Oooh! So what’s the deal? Why has Theresa May done this? The most obvious answer is that it will be a lot easier to consolidate her… Read more

Sabre-Rattling P3

Athena b had been surveyed some thirty years prior to the first settlements being opened to the public. First, deep space probes had reported on a suitable atmosphere on the second planet out from the system’s star, a K1 type body that weighed in 0.876 solar masses, and bathed the system in an orange hue…. Read more

The Last Jedi 

Light vs dark. Good vs evil. The Resistance vs the First Order. We have our first glimpse at Star Wars Episode VIII: The last Jedi, and as with the trailers for The Force Awakens, nothing is given away. The Last Jedi appears to pick up straight where The Force Awakens left off (something already hinted… Read more

Film Reviews: Logan

Mortality. Legacy. Two words which come to mind when thinking of Logan. This is the most raw, passionate take on the character, exposing his vulnerability and his pain as well as making him – and through him the audience – confront his past. Logan is Wolverine but he is also Logan – a man who… Read more

F1 2017 Round 3 – Bahrain

It feels like it’s been barely a week since the last race – and that’s because it has only been a week! The 2017 F1 season is well underway, and round three takes us to a dusty, hot venue that in recent years has literally served up sparks – and produced a cracking duel in… Read more