Month: March 2017

The Nintendo Switch

Alongside Breath of the Wild came something else – something I had craved since I first learned its true nature back in October. Previously known as the NX, Nintendo gave a glimpse of the Switch, a tantalising look at their home/handheld hybrid console. Early reactions were cautiously positive. Nintendo, who would often try out new… Read more

F1 2017 Round 1 – Australia 

It’s back! The long wait is over, testing is done, and it’s time to see what the new cars can do. Melbourne Australia is the venue for the opening round of the 2017 world championship – will Ferrari take the fight to Mercedes, will Red Bull shake things up, and will McLaren even finish?  This… Read more

We won’t Bend

Here’s the thing. Great Britain, the country I call home, has endured a lot down the years. Near-daily bombings in World War II. Decades of IRA bombs during the Troubles. We aren’t going to ‘bend the knee’ to terrorism now. 


I mean, come on people. This is where the surge to right-wing populism is heading. Donald Trump is the embodiment of what is wrong with this worrying trend, and he keeps demonstrating what this does – his latest move? Accusing Obama of spying on him, and implicating Britain, a long-time staunch ally of the US,… Read more