Month: January 2017

This is pure fantasy. Women aren’t hero… – IMDb I invite you to delve into the utterly stupid misogyny that IMDB unfortunately provides a safe haven for. Ages ago (when the first trailer for Rogue One came out) I wrote of how the film would be a misogynist’s nightmare, and with this sort of reaction, I have been proved right. The poster believes women… Read more

Techno Fail P5

Under cover of darkness the taxi sped down the A12, heading further and further into the edges of London. It wasn’t the route Eric had desired to take, but as he did his best to ‘drive casual’, all he could think about was that he was driving a car every camera, every police car in… Read more

It is Time

So. It has begun. The Orange Scourge rises. Donald Trump, the man with less votes than the woman who lost, has become President of the United States. And an all-seeing eye, breathed in flame, took up residence in the White House, and did throw a tantrum every time he was mentioned on Twitter. #DarkLordTrump  So… Read more

Techno Fail P4

A homicide wasn’t what Detective Inspector Adjoa Idowu had planned on dealing with when her shift started, but no sooner had she sat down behind her desk at than the call had come in for her to take a trip to Gants Hill. Reports of a shooting and a man seen forcing another man into the boot… Read more

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