Month: December 2016

Film Reviews: Rogue One

The next installment of Star Wars saga has graced our screens, and I’d heard favourable comparisons to the most acclaimed film of the saga, The Empire Strikes Back. Is this comparison merited? And how does Disney’s second Star Wars effort measure up to 2015’s The Force Awakens?  Rogue One is a very different film to… Read more

Film Reviews – Blade Runner

Well, I mentioned the other day that I hadn’t seen this dystopian sci-fi epic, and now I have. Is it everything it was made out to be? Read on and find out! The version in question was ‘The Final Cut’, which is important to mention because there are several cuts of this film, just to… Read more

Seeking Clarity 

Welcome to a rather introspective post. Any of you who follow the Coalition of the Brave will know that I’ve recently had reasons to stop and think about how I approach debate and discussion, and about the nature of open discussion. There are questions here that I have no easy answers to – what is the Coalition… Read more

The White Stuff

Meerkats are used to the sun and heat of Africa, so you can probably imagine what they think of winter.  Cold?! Please, anything but cold! Are we due a white Christmas? I don’t know. Whether we get a dusting of icy powder depends upon who you speak to. I for one wouldn’t completely reject the idea… Read more

Sexism in Thailand

It’s that time again. That time where I take a deep dive into the internet’s underbelly, to take yet another look at the murky world of MRAs/MGTOWs. Yay. Hmm, I have to conclude you’re a glutton for punishment. Yes, yes I am. It’s why I support Liverpool FC. Moving on… This article concerns the rise… Read more