Month: October 2016

October Photo Challenge Day 4

Today is favourite horror novel.  As with most things horror, I’m not all that familiar with horror novels. I would place Cell by Stephen King near the top, by virtue one of the few that I’ve read! I would have to give the win to Peter F Hamilton’s The Realilty Dysfunction, which a cross between… Read more

October Photo Challenge Day 3

Day three is favourite scary episode, and I guess I would have to loop back to Z Nation and go all the way to the pilot. This featured a zombie baby that was very  quick and this led to me having a nightmare about being chased by one. 

October Photo Challenge Day 2

Favourite scary TV show… Hmm…  The only show to trigger an actual nightmare would be Z Nation, which is pretty ironic given it’s a tongue-in-cheek take on the zombie apocalypse idea. It’s a fun, entertaining show but not really scary.  To be honest, there aren’t that many TV shows out there I regard as scary…. Read more

The Smelly Bus 

As I type I’m sitting on a rail replacement bus, waiting for the thing to start moving (I only want to go one bloody stop!). There is a lingering odour from outside, possibly an open sewage drain, which is omnipresent and slowly killing off my sense of smell. I am tired and hungry and have… Read more

Horror Movie Challenge Day 1

Firstly, many thanks to B from Getting Through Anxiety and Carla from the Melodramatic Confessions for creating this challenge. This is going to be a tough one for me, because I’m not well-versed in horror films.  Day one is favourite horror movie, and honestly I haven’t seen that many! The first answer to come to… Read more