Month: September 2016

Science and Faith – the Comments

I recently took on some more anti-scientific ideas from TA of Theology Archaelogy. As TA has a tendancy to edit comments (assuming he even lets them through) I am posting them here. To begin with, I issued a challenge: TA, I openly challenge your assertions here. I had included the link to my article, but… Read more

When Sleep Betrays You 

Last night ranks among the worst for lack of sleep I have ever had. For reasons I don’t know, I could not settle, and so this morning feel beyond tired. I’ve not been feeling myself for a few days now, so I could really use good sleep, not the broken slumber I suffered last night.  Worse,… Read more

‘Secular’ Science 2

We briefly return to TA’s first article on the subject of science and belief, before turning to a new article of his: It is unrealistic as how can anyone expect a force to last 14 billion years? The assumption that it does is distorted thinking and a distorted view of the evidence. Third, Hubble’s theory… Read more

The 2016 Italian Grand Prix

We’ve only just gotten through Belgium and we’re already preparing for the next race – at another historic venue, Monza, in Italy. Like Spa, Monza has a long and tragic history, one woven into the fabric of Formula 1 and motorsport. The has hosted the Formula 1 grand prix since 1950, having only not hosted… Read more