Month: September 2016

The 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

As the championship fight enters its decisive phase, F1 comes to Sepang, Malyasia, for a venue that rivals Singapore for heat and humidity. This race has been high drama in the past – the 2009 race was abandoned due to torrential rain, whilst in 2013 Sebastian Vettel famously defied team orders to pass his Red… Read more

The Quest for Freedom (Provided you Think as I do)

Following on from my discussion with Paul Williams about baking cakes, the KKK and false dilemmas, comes the next part of this particular article. As mentioned, the discussion with Paul ended up involving other people, and some of the details I post here. The original article can be found here. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this discussion can… Read more

The Bad Cyclist

For the second time in a few weeks I have nearly been run over by a cyclist who seems confused as to where the cycle path is – or just doesn’t care. I’m not amused.  (my ‘not amused’ face) I mean come on. The path is a joint pavement/cycle path and the boundary is well… Read more