Month: July 2016


Before I begin in earnest, lets post the conversation I had over at a site called ‘Stefs Cave‘. My posts will be in green, theirs will be in pink. Good afternoon, I think both MRAs and MGTOWs (to be honest, they are very similar in a lot of respects) are pushing back against something that… Read more

Site Stats

For a little while I used to regale my readers with ‘site stats’. Little updates and the like. I stopped doing this ages ago, but I thought it might be interesting to revisit the idea, at least once in a while. Some interesting tidbits: In 2015 my site had 4,222 views. So far in 2016,… Read more

Alien Fossils P2

“Hello?” “Linda, is that you?” Asked Mark. “Yes, it’s me, I was about to call you, you should have checked in twenty minutes ago.” “Sorry, I was a bit wrapped up in something.” Mark heard Linda snort. “You always are.” “Linda, I’ve found something, or at least, I think I’ve found something. I mean, it… Read more

TV Show Challenge Day 27

Day 27 is ‘best special effects’. There have been a lot of FX in various genres that can best be described as mesmerising, albeit for different reasons. The work across the various Star Trek shows could be considered ground-breaking for their time, and the FX used on action shows like Spartacus deserves a mention for… Read more

TV Show Challenge Day 26

Favourite sci-fi show! Now we’re cooking. Where do I begin?! There’s the venerable Doctor Who, with the mysterious figure of the Doctor and his adventures. There’s Babylon 5, which delved into mythology in a clever way. There’s Stargate SG1, one of my all-time favourites. The winner though, is the Star Trek show that broke the… Read more

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