Month: July 2016

TV Show Challenge Day 30

Saddest character death. I’m going to spring a surprise or two with this one. First up is the young king everyone loves to hate, Joffrey from Game of Thrones. His death isn’t sad because you mourn the passing of the character. It’s sad because as he passes away, you are reminded that for all her… Read more

Angry People

Let’s chew on the below screenshot of a particularly ‘interesting’ Twitter conversation: Ok, let me see if I’ve got this right – I am a ‘fag’ (a homophopic term for a homosexual), who ‘hates men’. (the stupid, it hurts!) There’s quite a bit more to this story, but isn’t not really mine to tell. Stay… Read more

Shouty People

So I’m at work, and a guy walks past, shouting at… well, I’m not actually too sure who or what he was shouting at. I think nothing of it. Until I’m walking home and see another guy, who is so drunk he appears to be shouting at his own reflection in the shop windows. Let’s… Read more

TV Show Challenge Day 29

After yesterday’s best cliffhanger, comes worst cliffhanger. This is much more difficult. I suppose ‘worst’ might be when the outcome is pretty obvious as to what comes next. VOY’s season 5 finale Equinox featured an apparent moment of peril for Captain Janeway, but she was never likely to die. The destruction of a ship in… Read more

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