Month: June 2016

My England Manager Application

To whom it might concern, We are in crisis. Established figures from the footballing world have consistently failed to deliver the results England needed, when they were most needed. Our national side has become a laughing stock. Change – real change – is urgently needed. To that end, I offer my candidacy for the position… Read more

Film Reviews: Terminator Genisys

Timey Wimey Confusey Mess. That would be a more appropriate title for the latest installment of a franchise that should have stopped with T2. Why do I feel this way? Read on! Terminator Genisys takes us back to the beginning of the story. Well, in fact, it goes to before the beginning, going right back… Read more

The Warning was There

The morning after the day of very mixed reactions to ‘Brexit’, the reality is starting to sink in. Nigel Farage, who campaigned for us to leave the EU, immediately backtracked on one of its key claims – that £350 million a week would be shift to the NHS. The Pound has lost considerable value (reaching… Read more

The Biggest Mistake

Yesterday Britain went to the polls to decide whether we should stay in the EU or leave. After campaigns that lasted what felt like forever, we went to polling stations and made our voices heard. This morning we awoke to the news we’ve voted to leave. The vote itself was very close. Over 70% of… Read more

Great British Weather

Whilst the EU Referendum goes on, it is worth noting that there is something we desperately need from Europe, and have always needed, yet never seem to get – decent weather. (it’s summertime folks… yes, really) As a Briton rain in summer is something I’m used to, but this year it is pissing me off… Read more