Month: May 2016

My Top Ten… Computer Games

Some time ago now I was asked by one of the author’s of The Game Freak Show to produce a top ten list of my favourite games, and I found myself pondering this tricky question. In the end, I hastily produced a list of eight games, but I couldn’t put them into any sort of… Read more

Seeking Inspiration

One of the things I want to do is write a story (we are all meant to have one great novel in us, after all). Over the years I have started to write and then hit a brick wall with my ideas, unable to figure out how to take them any further. Lately, I can’t… Read more

To be, or Not to be…

In just under a month’s time Britain faces a key referendum on its future with the European Union, and thus far I’ve not said much about it. Well, that’s about to change! It’s easy to consider the upcoming EU referendum as deciding whether or not we remain in the EU – but the question is… Read more

F1 2016 Round 6 – Monaco!

There’s always something special about the Monaco GP. An event that is steeped in history and glamour, providing the ultimate test of concentration and nerve, everyone looks forward to Monaco. It doesn’t always produce exciting on-track action, but as already mentioned, it’s a test of endurance. Monaco is unforgiving. There are hardly any run-off areas… Read more

Two very different Takes

As those of you who follow this blog are by now aware, I quite frequently dip my toes into potentially choppy waters. I discuss things like religion, homosexuality, and feminism. I’ve recently been talking a little bit about vaccination too. Today’s post is about feminism, in case you were wondering, and two very different perspectives… Read more