Month: March 2016

An Addendum

In my previous post I was quite reflective on taking the time to notice things and learn about the world around us – after the frightful events in Belgium earlier today, this takes on greater significance. We don’t know what’s around the corner. We take too much for granted and we move through life with… Read more

Left-wing Republicans?

(wait, what?) Not for the first time, earlier today I read of the idea that the Republican party of the US (traditionally the right-wing, conservative party in their political system) is actually more ‘lefty’ than it is right-wing (and this was intended very much as a slur against the GOP). Is there actually any truth… Read more

Coutinho’s Magic

The pressure continues to mount on Man United boss Louis Van Gaal, after an ultimately tame performance against arch rivals Liverpool in the Europa League at Old Trafford condemned his side to exiting the competition in the last 16. With a huge Derby game against Man City at the weekend, and a potentially very tricky… Read more

The Title says it All So Young Earth Creationism is apparently not absurd. Of course not. It just flies in the face of everything we know about how planets form (including the timescale), and about how life evolves. This once again links in with what I said in my previous post – that a literal interpretation of the Bible… Read more

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