Month: March 2016

Team Profiles: England

I include England as the first possible dark horse, albeit speaking as an Englishman I am not confident we even qualify as that. Speaking of qualifying, this went quite well for England, with the side winning all ten of their matches, though the group wasn’t exactly formidable. Has this given rise to unfettered optimism? Not… Read more

Team Profiles: Germany

What is there to say about the Germans that hasn’t already been said? The world champions conquered the world last time out in Brazil because they were the best team, and their football is incisive, quick and deadly. The manner in which they dispatched hosts Brazil in the semi-final remains one of the most remarkable… Read more

Busy days in Basildon

Earlier today my wife, daughter and I took a walk to Bas Vegas (google it, trust me it’s a thing) to see an Easter event – namely a gathering of various superheroes/heroines and villains, and an Easter Egg hunt (though we didn’t do that, as it took place outside and the weather was absolutely atrocious… Read more

England beat Germany

I don’t usually get too excited about England’s prospects at a major football tournament. I’m currently preparing a series of pages on the upcoming European Championships (held in France later this year), and I’m not exactly waxing lyrical about England. That being said, last night’s performance against world champions Germany was encouraging. For one thing,… Read more

Feeling Loved

This post is dedicated to my wife. When I awoke this morning, I felt (and still do feel, as I have since we met), loved up and content. No one makes me laugh quite like she does (turtles) and she makes me feel warm and wanted. Thank you babe! X

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