Month: February 2016

The Title Race Twists Again

Will their wait go on? Arsenal succumbed to a 3-2 defeat at Old Trafford against Man Utd earlier today, putting them five points behind leaders Leicester with the same number of games played. Having won their previous league fixture (against Leicester), Arsenal might have been expected to gain momentum, but a 0-0 draw in the… Read more

The Chilled Out Kat

(this kat is super chilled!) Last night I had a dream where, for reasons I can’t remember (and am struggling to fathom) I climbed into a dark plastic-like ball and got carried away in it by forces unknown. I have no idea what inspired this dream, but I do remember one thing about it –… Read more

Zelda is 30 Years Old!

  I can’t believe I missed marking the 30th anniversary of a gaming legend, especially one that I personally have invested a lot of time and heart into over the years. I can’t believe The Legend of Zelda is actually 30 – I really can’t! The Zelda series has to be my all time favourite… Read more

Leicester Bite Back

Having lost so narrowly (and in such heartbreaking circumstances) to Arsenal in their last league fixture, Leicester’s title ambitions might have been expected to take a knock. In the face of such a setback, and without title-chasing experience, could Leicester rebound from their Emirates defeat? The answer? Yes. In beating Norwich today they showed two… Read more

Liverpool vs Man Utd

It’s the big one – just not on the desired or expected stage for either club. Nevertheless, with a spot in the Champions League potentially at stake, this is still going to be huge. It’s us: Versus them: I feel dirty putting the Utd logo on here. Our record against the Scum has not been… Read more

Feeling Vindicated

It’s quite a satisfying feeling when you realise that you’re right about something, especially if the argument/dispute has been quite bitterly contested. Well, the other day I got to enjoy that feeling. (oh yes, lets rub those hands together with glee!) As anyone who has followed this site and blog is aware, I’ve had a… Read more

What I want from the Nintendo NX

If the rumours are to be believed, Nintendo’s next home console, the tentatively titled ‘NX’, is due to be released later this year (whether that applies to the entire globe or whether it will be a staggered release remains to be seen). As a lifelong Nintendo fan, I am naturally pretty excited at the prospect… Read more


As I walked home from work today, I was reminded (yet again) of how we are as a society so quick these days to pass the buck. We don’t, as a society, want to bear responsibility for our own actions. A while ago, I wrote a blog post about this subject, inspired by a much… Read more