Month: November 2015

The 2015 Mexico Grand Prix Review

So, a few days on from F1’s return to Mexico, it’s time to ask whether it was a triumphant return! The answer is an emphatic yes. Whilst the race was not an absolute classic, I can honestly say it was entertaining. The fast circuit played into the hands of the Mercedes powered teams, with a… Read more

Film Reviews: Spectre

The fourth film of Daniel Craig’s interpretation of James Bond (and possibly his last, if the rumour mill is to be believed) is, in this meerkat’s humble opinion, his best outing yet. Having settled in to see the film this morning with my wife, I was quickly drawn into an impressive mix of high octane… Read more

Christmas Songs, really?!

It’s like a switch is thrown in the brains of every managing director, CEO, shop owner and store manager. November 1st is go time for Christmas! Cue festive streamers, signs, lights and even music. The most wonderful time of the year is now the most wonderful two months of the year (and now Christmas is… Read more