Month: November 2015

Trump trumping Kaisch – WTF? Kaisch is a smart Republican who from what I hear has done really well with Ohio’s economy in recent years – yet ego maniac Trump is looking more likely to become the Republican nominee. Says it all really!


As I read the various opinion pieces, tweets and Facebook posts concerning the recent attacks in Paris (and commentary on Islam and immigration), I am left wondering if we are reaching a crossroads as a civilisation. To our left, is a path of compassion. It is not without necessary evils – ISIS is a blight… Read more

The 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix Report

As the F1 2015 season nears its climax, the passionate venue of Brazil played host to a pretty commanding and confident performance from Mercedes – and Nico Rosberg in particular. In practice Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton traded places, with Hamilton actually faster in two of the three sessions, but in qualifying, Rosberg brought his A… Read more

The Backlash Begins

It is not surprising, but most certainly saddening, to see the broad brushstrokes being applied to Islam at the moment (especially by elements of the religious right). Whilst is undoubtedly true that Islamic extremists are dangerous and hateful, this doesn’t make everyone who is a Muslim evil – yet it is all too easy to… Read more