Month: October 2015

You Americans and your Guns…

Before I begin in earnest, let me state first and foremost that I know not every American will feel the same way about this issue, and this article is certainly not intended to tar every American with the same brush. This piece is by and large, a response to some of the more vitriolic outbursts… Read more

Future Projects

So, what am I planning for this site over the next few months? Well, at some point I’ll finish the stuff I was writing about trains, and I’ll also complete season 3 of my F1 game diary. A Football Manager 2014 game diary is also in the works, and I may one day get around… Read more

Eye Tests and Colds

Not exactly a riveting title, but then, it’s not really a riveting post… Or is it?! I wear glasses. I’ve done so since Year Nine at school (so I would have been 13/14 when I first started wearing them). Nowadays they’re so intrinsically a part of me that I’ve forgotten what it was like to… Read more