Month: September 2015

Is opposing Intolerance actually Intolerance?

Recent observations and ‘discussions’ with anti-gay marriage debaters have led me to believe that some of them are genuinely baffled as to why others don’t appreciate their hardline, discriminatory stance. It would seem that by refusing to accept a religious-based argument for denying people rights, myself (and others who do not feel religion is an… Read more

The 2015 Japanese Grand Prix Report

(fans pay tribute to the late Jules Bianchi at Suzuka) The story of the 2015 Japanese race is that of a comprehensive Mercedes victory, rebounding strongly after their relatively poor performance in Singapore. In qualifying Hamilton and Rosberg traded places through Q1 and Q2, before Rosberg took pole (by 0.076 of a second), with the… Read more

A Change of Pace

Anyone who knows me will be aware that earlier in the year life threw me an unexpected and unpleasant surprise, one that did, for a short time, knock me for six and left me feeling very angry. That anger, whilst dampened, is still there, though what I am trying to do is sharpen it into… Read more

The 2015 Japanese GP Preview

Just one week after the Singapore Grand Prix threw up  a surprising lack of performance from Mercedes virtually all weekend, F1 returns to Suzuka, Japan, home of one of the sport’s most iconic tracks. The unique figure of 8 configuration has played host to some of Formula 1’s most dramatic and memorable races. Suzuka has… Read more

The 2015 Singapore GP Review

Have chinks appeared in Mercedes Armour? A dominant performance throughout practice, qualifying and the race itself. An established champion easing to victory. It sounds like a typical Hamilton-led Mercedes performance, but yesterday this was very much not the case. Instead, it was the scarlet Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel that controlled the race, having taken pole… Read more

The 2015 Singapore GP Preview

Next up on the F1 calendar comes arguably the most grueling race of the year – the street circuit of Singapore. Racing is an uncomfortable business for the drivers. The cockpits are cramped, they  wear fireproof gear that ensures they sweat buckets and they get jostled and bumped as they hurtle around the track, accelerating… Read more