Month: June 2015

The 2015 Canadian Grand Prix Preview

Montreal, Canada is the next stop on the F1 calendar, with this beautiful circuit, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Nestled amongst some gorgeous scenery, this track has been a staple of the F1 calendar since 1978, and enjoys a good reputation among fans and drivers alike. It’s one of few tracks (especially clockwise ones) to have a… Read more

Versus Fights: Neo vs Superman

Another match-up, this time suggested by  of Big Footy, sees the Man of Steel go up against the One. For Neo’s abilities I’ll obviously be referencing the Matrix films, whilst for Superman, I’ll be drawing upon his most recent on screen appearance, Man of Steel. Neo Within the Matrix itself, Neo is mighty. His strength… Read more

Versus Fights: Darth Vader vs Magneto

Yesterday I asked the good people of Big Footy for the next versus match-up, and the response to the thread has so far been good, with some interesting prospects lined up. The first one I want to look at was suggested by Chefmeister (who actually suggested quite a few good fights). It’s a battle of… Read more

Versus Fights: Iron Man vs Batman

As you may have already seen on this site, I like versus debates. I’ve touched upon the geek-fest that is Star Trek vs Star Wars, and now I turn my attention to another battleground – that of superheroes! Please note, these arguments are not ‘Marvel vs DC’ or any other such rivalries. I have my… Read more