Month: June 2015


Anyone who follows this site will know that I am generally left-leaning when it comes to societal/political matters. I am in favour of gay marriage and I abhor discriminatory and bigoted behaviour. I have no patience for creationists and their pseudoscience. I find myself more drawn to left-wing political parties (such as Labour) than I… Read more

The 2015 Canadian Grand Prix Review

So we are now seven rounds in to the F1 calendar this season, and round 7 brought an almost routine one-two finish for Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton taking his fourth win of the year. (Hamilton led Rosberg for the entire race) Hamilton had qualified on pole, once again out-qualifying Rosberg, and at the start he… Read more

Unwelcome Visitors

Recently my wife, daughter, step-daughter and her daughter spent a week in Great Yarmouth. It was nice to get away from all the stresses and strains for a short while, and we crammed quite a lot into that week, including swimming, a trip to the Sea Life centre, bouncy castles and a whole lot more!… Read more