Month: April 2015

I Like Trains!

It’s true, I most certainly do love trains. I love their speed, I love their power and I think they are a fantastic symbol of engineering and invention. Hence a new series of pages devoted to them!  

Rosberg Rankled

So the Chinese GP took place only a few hours ago, but the acrimony between the Mercedes drivers of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg that came to define a lot of last season has reared up once more, following Rosberg’s accusation that Hamilton deliberately backed him up, thus forcing Rosberg into the clutches of Ferrari’s… Read more

The 2015 Chinese Grand Prix

Having missed the excitement of Mercedes being usurped in Malaysia, I set my alarm for the early hour of 6.45am (urgh) to ensure I was up in time to watch the Chinese GP in its entirety – and whilst the race was not overly exciting, it was certainly a more rewarding experience than the 4.45… Read more

Nice Customers

Typically, my comments on work on this blog have been ones of frustration and irritation. Today’s post is not like that. Once in a while, you get a customer who is truly lovely. They are kind, friendly and put you at ease. It’s a genuine pleasure to help them and they are so grateful for… Read more