Month: April 2015

Looking for a new Look

Another thing I’ve been up to with my site is looking at other themes. WordPress has a considerable range to choose from, and earlier today I was playing around with said themes. After all, a redesign never hurts! So far though, nothing has leapt out at me as being straightforward enough to change it too…. Read more

Book Reviews: On Basilisk Station

One of the things that I love is books. I have always enjoyed reading, and as a kid I would read Roald Dahl books over and over again. It was his vivid and often macabre imagination that fired my own, and his books were just a joy to read! As an adult my tastes lean… Read more

Trying to find a Niche

Recently I kick-started an idea to do with busting jargon. On reflection (as I am trying to do this on a semi-professional basis), I have decided I am not playing to my strengths. Yes, I feel I can offer some insights into how retail works – and I might well continue to do so, but… Read more

Unexpected Surprises

So I’m walking with my wife and daughter as we head home from her school, when we hear a woman shouting for help from down the path. Turns out the poor dear tripped and cut her arm and bashed her hip! My wife and I, and a neighbour, helped get her home (along with her… Read more

The 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

Round four of the 2015 F1 season took place earlier today, under the floodlights of the Bahrain International Circuit, and having delivered a pole lap nearly half a second faster than Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton was largely untroubled as he took his third win of the season. His race was uneventful, save for one slightly… Read more