Month: February 2015

Things to look forward to

As February slowly gives way to March (crawling slowly on its belly as it happens), I look back upon the first two months of the year with… well, I don’t think regret is the right word but it’s the only word that springs to mind. The two jobs I was especially keen on landing both didn’t work… Read more

Pedantic Customers

  So a man comes into the store. He notices that we (regrettably) have 2014 calendars still out. Obviously, we shouldn’t have them out. It’s an unfortunate oversight. He tells me he’s taken a picture of them and will make head office aware. Aware of what? That we’re human beings, trying our hardest to do our… Read more

F1 2009 Season 2 Round 2 – Malaysia

So, the second race of season 2 brings us back to Sepang, Malaysia – where I didn’t fare too well last time. My first run through here saw the race run in wet conditions and I struggled, ultimately putting the brake assist on in order to handle the circuit and conditions. This time around, I… Read more

A Taste of what’s to come?

So, recently I have been doing some searching. As part of this, I have had to twice travel into London, and not just to the immediate corner of London, but I’ve had to make my way across the city. Cue a voyage on the infamous London Underground. Last Sunday the journey was diabolical (the result… Read more