Month: November 2014

The Force Awakens!

Unless you’ve been a hermit for the past couple of years, you’ll be aware that a new Star Wars film is on the way. Recently it was named as The Force Awakens and today the first teaser trailer for this film was released: It’s impossible to get major impressions of this film from one brief… Read more

Black Friday Madness

It would seem the scourge of Black Friday (traditionally a day when America goes nuts over every tiny deal) is now infecting my country. I cannot speak for everyone on this fair isle, but the UK could do without the hysterical scenes typically witnessed on Black Friday across the Pond. We are normally above the sort of… Read more

The 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

So the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship has come to an end. The setting was the beautiful man-made island of Yas Marina, located in Abu Dhabi, and after a qualifying session that saw Lewis Hamilton make mistakes in final qualifying to end up 2nd – and behind title rival Nico Rosberg – on the grid,… Read more

Video Madness

So, the other day I finally got my first YouTube video up – it was a short, introductory video to my site. So far, so good right? Unfortunately, video number two has not been so straight-forward. Whilst the video itself is prepared and ready, and all the editing and images done and added, the software I am… Read more

Inching closer to the Videos

As I type I am slowly getting there with the first of my videos that will accompany the main website. The process of recording them is straight-forward enough – but editing them into something worth watching is proving to be a huge headache! Hopefully I will have something to show soon.

The 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

(Nico Rosberg leads Lewis Hamilton into the first corner at the Brazilian Grand Prix) So, round 18 of 19 in the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship is done. At a circuit often regarded as a challenging one and certainly one with a lot of exciting memories for F1 fans, Nico Rosberg dominated, fastest in practise… Read more