Month: October 2014

Age of Ultron

So the first trailer is up for Avengers: Age of Ultron. This will be the second of the Avengers films, following on from the 2012 film and the various films that have followed (such as Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier). There were some interesting moments in a… Read more

Nintendo and why I love them

Simply put, I am a huge fan of Nintendo and what they have produced over the years. They don’t always find their mark, admittedly, but by and large, for me, they are the creators of some of the video game industry’s greatest characters and games. I have now devoted a portion of my site to Nintendo, that… Read more

My Phone has died!

Well this is irritating. My phone, which is barely a year old (I got it last July) has decided to pack in. It no longer charges, which is naturally rather disappointing, since without power it might as well be a paperweight. Still, a replacement is on the way – I don’t normally do insurance, but… Read more

The 2014 Russian Grand Prix

(Nico Rosberg locks up going into turn 2 on the very first lap of the Russian Grand Prix) So, a week on from the difficult Japanese Grand Prix, Formula 1 descends upon Russia, for the first ever F1 race. Thoughts were firmly on Jules Bianchi, who remains critically ill in hospital in Japan, and out… Read more