Today I ended up doing an all-dayer at work. This is not the first time this has happened and won’t be the last.

Why put myself through that? The bottom line is, if I don’t, I will never get through everything I need to do. It sucks, and and I am loathe to do it, but considering the ongoing workload placed upon us by an unsympathetic head office, it becomes a requirement of the job.

This is the requirement of management. It requires you to put in a shift. It is tiring, it is stressful, and it is uncompromising. You have to make tough choices. You are expected to work long hours. You need to be proactive. In retail, you need to be juggling several balls in the air, all the time.

It is though, rewarding. Going home at the end of the day, knowing you have worked your hardest, knowing that you’ve achieved most of your goals, and served customers and helped take in the cash, is very important to me. As long as I can keep that belief that I am working hard, doing my best and achieving my aims, I can come home, perhaps totally shattered, but ultimately happy.

So, it’s time for the latest bi-weekly site stats update! (I can tell you’re all trembling with excitement – which page is soaring high, which nation is scoring the most hits???).

The past two weeks have seen a dramatic surge or two with activity, but then, this corresponds to a more aggressive marketing strategy. So, lets see where we are:

The USA is currently top of referrals, with 581. The UK is second with 517, and in third is Australia with 279. Canada is fourth on 136, and Slovenia is fifth on 34. I’m not going to include every last hit from every last nation now, because frankly it’s a long list! It does seem that my site is garnering quite a following in eastern Europe – Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Croatia have all registered hits to my site.

In terms of site referrers, is way out in the lead on 274, with Bigfooty some way back on 126. Starfleet Jedi is third on 46, and search engines are fourth with 36. Fifth is Twitter, on 27.

Tune in at the end of the month for more!

Yesterday we ventured off to Southend-on-Sea (a combination of cosmopolitan city and seaside resort town) to check out an attraction docked at the end of Southend Pier (which by the way, is the longest pleasure-pier in the world, at over a mile long) – namely, a replica pirate ship! I had hoped to share a few pictures, but the file sizes are too big for poor WordPress to handle!

Nevertheless, it was a great day out – my daughter absolutely loved traveling down to the end of the pier on the little train they’ve got, and she was entranced by the pirate ship (but not before she detoured and did some colouring in and pirate-hat making!).

I’m not sure just how faithful a replica this ship was, but if it’s even remotely accurate, then the sleeping area for the average member of the crew was cramped, to put it mildly, and you have to be very careful of every last bit of rope and rigging or you’re going to have a spectacular accident. Life at sea in those days must have been bloody hard!

My daughter had a great time, exploring and playing on the ship – and she also enjoyed her beach-side picnic too! It was, all in all, a very good day!




One of my life goals (beyond getting rich and famous) is to get the sort of body that Chris Hemsworth would envy. To achieve this, I obviously need to eat right (which I do, for the most part), and exercise.

Now, back in July I did make a more concerted effort to work out, especially in respect of sit ups and stomach crunches, but going the full Monty is a question of time and energy – I work full time and my job is a physically active one. I am on my feet all day, so working out upon arriving home isn’t really an option.

Nevertheless, I think it’s something I need to press ahead with. I want to have a bit of that WOW factor!

Once again my subconscious has conspired to leave me baffled beyond belief upon waking. After dreaming about going to university (no, this is not something I’m planning on, though my step-son does soon!), I was woken up briefly by the sound of a cat crying (urgh), and then dreamed of people being violently sick as they ran through some catacombs. What brought on this last part I truly have no idea! My mind is clearly quite a disturbed place!

Lately I’ve been getting some good feedback on my Terminator pages from the good denziens of, and as such I plan to make some modifications to those pages, giving credit where it’s due. I also plan to update my Star Trek vs Star Wars page, based on feedback from the good people of Starfleet Jedi. Precisely when this happens is anybody’s guess (I am currently working on a huge project on Movellas that will hopefully be epic!), but rest assured, these updates will happen!

Is there anything else planned? Well, I still need to have a thorough look at my Wix site and see what else (if anything) is worth being ported to here. There are a few possibilities, so stay tuned!

ItalianGP(Picture courtesy of the BBC)

So, two weeks after the hijinks of Belgium, Formula 1 has returned to our screens! This time, for once, Lewis Hamilton managed to have a good race (apart from a poor start), and it was Rosberg who made mistakes under pressure, twice running off the track at the first turn after getting his braking wrong.

Hamilton drove well, kept up the pace and, after clearing the Mclaren of Magnussen and the Williams of Massa, quickly bore down upon Rosberg. On a track that demands speed, Hamilton had it, outpacing Rosberg quite nicely. In the end, it was a deserved win – though the distance between the pair on points is still quite big.

Hamilton needs to win every race if Rosberg is second in every race – a tall order, especially given his mechanical luck this year – so realistically, he needs Rosberg to suffer a mechanical failure or two of his own, if he is to close the gap.

Daniel Riccardo once again displayed the traits of a future world champion, including (but not limited to) a bold overtaking move on his four-time world champion team mate Vettel, to claim fifth place. Massa took third (his first podium since Spain last year), and showed the progress of Williams. His team mate Bottas was also full of overtaking moves, prepared to be brave when it mattered.

Ferrari’s home grand prix wasn’t a memorable one for them. Alonso retired due to mechanical problems and Raikkonen could only manage tenth place – disappointing for them, and they will want to improve when F1 next gets together.

Can Lewis maintain his form? How will Rosberg respond? What sparks will fly next time out? I cannot wait!