So the mysterious Time Lord known as The Doctor has returned to our screens after what has felt like an age. Capaldi’s first full appearance treated us to the usual post-regeneration fare of a confused and disorientated Doctor trying to remember who he is, whilst Clara tries to adapt to this radically changed man (especially in terms of his new face, but also in terms of his behaviour).

The Tardis lands (via the belly of a T-Rex!) into Victorian London and the Doctor’s little trio of Victorian helpers (whose names escape me) are thrust into a mystery surrounding spontanious combustions and alien robots (that look and act suspiously like the ones from the Tennant-era ‘Girl in the Fireplace’, as indeed they are intended to be). The Doctor (still confused) goes off half-cocked and the result is that both the Doctor and Clara wind up in a trap.

I won’t give any more away, so will instead offer my thoughts on it all.

I am uncertain about the new Doctor. He is decidedly erratic to begin with, and Clara spends a lot of her time in emotional angst. It’s hard to warm to the new Doctor (though his harsher behaviour means that’s kind of the point).

So, the episode gets an 8/10 from me, with 7/10 for the Doctor and 7/10 for Clara. Onwards and upwards!


I have rarely enjoyed a film as much as I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. From the funny little dance we get from Quill at the start of the film, to his funky moves at the end, this film keeps things refreshingly light and yet also manages to offer up real heart. You warm to all the characters – from the surprisingly eloquent Drax to the wise-ass that is Rocket, to Groot’s innocence, Quill’s badboy ways and Gamorra’s quest for vengeance, each character has something of worth.

The bad guy is a little flat but we don’t get to see enough of him, which is a shame as he could have been an interesting enemy. That said, he offers a few good scenes of malice.

The scope of the film is huge and both the sets and CGI work is top-notch. The film is beautiful, with lots of strong attention to detail.

I also loved the soundtrack. The use of 80s songs rather than a traditional score makes the film seem more down-to-earth. I loved this film and it is one of the few I would consider seeing at the cinema again.

The100So, this show is now several episodes in and so far, despite my initial fears it would be some sort of tween-style show with a sci-fi dressing, it has proven its worth. It asks some interesting questions of what it means to be human, and how far people will go to both survive, and protect those they love.

Without wanting to spoiling the show, the basic premise is that what’s left of the human race is stuck on a space station following a devastating nuclear war. Crime – almost any crime – is punishable by being ‘floated’ – namely, being chucked out of an airlock into space. The only exception to this rule is that under-18s are not executed, but held as prisoners.

With the station in a state of decay and then need to both ease the population and discover if earth is safe, 100 teenagers and young people (all of them responsible for crimes of varying degrees) are sent to the surface, where they must discover if earth is survivable. They must not only contend with the dangerous wilderness that earth has now become, but also with each other, as a power struggle ensues.

To make matters worse, they end up (largely through their own actions) cutting themselves off from the orbiting arc, and just to further muddy the waters, they soon discover they are not alone.

The show is quite compelling. The characters are quite varied, with differing ideas of what constitutes strength, courage and loyalty. On the Arc, they have to contend with dwindling oxygen and a struggle to survive versus remembering their humanity. On the ground, they have to somehow find unity before their rivalries and tensions boil over to the point of self-destruction. Every character has something to add to the show and I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far!

So, my site has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, and so it’s time to look at the breakdown.

As of the time of this post, has contributed the greatest number of views to my site (with 13), Big Footy is close behind with 11 referrals, Starfleet Jedi is in third place with 8, Twitter is next with 7, then there’s a bit of a gap to fifth place with iMDB contributing only 4 views. Facebook follows with 3, then, bizarrely, it’s Facebook again with 2 (not altogether sure what’s going on there), search engines have only led to one view, and finally, Movellas has yielded 1 view.

By country, the United States is way out in front, contributing 71 views. Britain is next with 53, then Australia with 19. Canada is fourth with 8, Finland are next up with 4, and Denmark and Ireland are both on 1.

It’ll be interesting to see who’s still leading at the end of the month!

I recently advertised (for lack of a better word) my site on the forums at StarfleetJedi, and I would like to thank Mike DiCenso for his feedback thus far on my ‘versus’ pages. I hope to address his feedback at some stage in the not-so-distant future.

It’s always nice to hear from people about how your site or blog is progressing. Feedback – whether positive or negative – means you no longer feel like you’re operating in a vacuum.

It’s also nice to get feedback which isn’t simply ‘you suck!’ Constructive criticism is far more valuable than anything, even (or perhaps especially) praise.

Hopefully, as I expand my site and its pages, I shall be lucky enough to receive further feedback – and hopefully, I will find the time to act on it!

So there I am, thinking to myself as the working day slowly draws to a close, that the day has gone well, that the store will be tidy and that everything is upstraight.

I could not have been more wrong.

Having been rocked by the news that a thoroughly nice man I knew had died, I didn’t think anything would happen to rival this. Instead, four chavvy scumbags swept into the store, stole three tablet PCs and tried to steal two more. I tried to stop them but four against 1… well, the odds were not in my favour.

I wonder if thieving little shits like the ones who struck last night realise just how scummy they actually are. They’re cowardly chicken-shits, too afraid to get jobs or be civilised men so they resort to smash-and-grab raids for drug money. I hope they get caught, and that the book is thrown at them.

This morning I received a tearful phone call from the wife of a man I knew, via work, for the past five years, informing me that this gentleman had passed away. I was stunned, and saddened, to learn of his passing.

I can’t claim to have known him thoroughly, as I knew him mostly via his being a customer of the store (and occasionally I would go round his house to help him set up his laptop/printer, or solve a tech problem), but what I did know of him is that he was a good man, a proud father and grandfather, and that his death has shocked me. I hadn’t seen him for a few months but this was not unusual – sometimes I wouldn’t hear from him for ages. It occurred to me the other day that I’d not seen him, and sadly, now I know why.

I was touched that his wife got in touch to tell me though. She didn’t have to, and in return I hope I can offer support to her if she needs it, in any way shape or form. God speed friend, God speed.